You Remember Too Much

In my work, I am exploring the idea of time and light; moreover, their manifestations through the physicality of watercolor paintings. While the concept of time is traditionally alluded to in paintings through imagery such as candles and clocks, time is physically seen in these paintings through the multiple layers of dried irregular edges and puddles of pigment. The more time spent with these paintings, the more soft lines, splotches of pigment and granulated forms begin to materialize. Light comes into play when layering paint with varying levels of translucency. More watered down layers of paint produce less pigmented washes, while thicker or repeatedly stacked layers build up opacity and get darker. The interplay between thin, diaphanous marks and thick, impenetrable blotches transcends into an intricate depth of field within the composition. The limited color palette, results in similar compositions, each with their own variations. When faced with multiple pieces, the viewer is invited to observe, compare and come to their own understanding about how each painting relates to each other and themselves.